Included on this page are links to writings by Everett and Mary Gendler.

Books by Everett

A Passionate Pacifist: Essential Writings of Aaron Samuel Tamares
Judaism for Universalists (2015)

Book Chapters by Everett

Jewish Mysticism and the Spiritual Life: Classical Texts, Contemporary Reflections (2011)
Rabbis: The Many Faces of Judaism (2002)
Trees, Earth, and Torah: A Tu B’Shvat Anthology (2000)
“The Parsley versus the Potato: A Passover Reminiscence” in Ecology & The Jewish Spirit: Where Nature and the Sacred Meet (2000)
A Heart of Wisdom: Making the Jewish Journey from Mid-life Through the Elder Years (1999)
The Greening of Faith: God, the Environment, and the Good Life (1997)
Rabbis and Vegetarianism (1996)

Articles by Everett

A brief autobiography (2002)


A Ceremony for Winter Solstice
Eternal Light Goes Solar article
On the Judiasm of Nature (1971)
Parabola – A Sentient Universe
Polarities to the Rescue (2011)
Rabbis and Vegetarianism
The Tree That Sustains All Life (1980)
The Life of His Beast (2001)
turn, turn, turn (1982)
Whole Terrain (2000)
On the Seven-fold Rainbow Covenant


A Year to Remember Gedaliah (2008)
Teaching Shalom in the Shadow of Tibet (by Everett & Mary Gendler) (1998)

Social Justice

Martin Luther King, Jr. in the Holy Land (2017)
Recalling MLK Jr and Maurice Eisendrath (2013)
Elements of a Philosophy for Diaspora Judaism (2010)
The Exile of the Presence and the Presence of the Exile
Letter from Rabbi Gendler to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.
Letter from Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. to Rabbi Gendler
Conversation with Martin Luther King (1968)


Cupid Goes to Shul (1971)
Holy Days in Habana (1969)
The Life of His Beast (tall) (1967)

Articles by Mary

An Open Letter to My Daughter (1978)
I am a Jewish woman (1970-1)
Cycling and Recycling (1999)
A Special Message to Our Daughters
Sarah’s Seed: New Ritual for Women
Spiritual Menopause
Male and Female Created He Them (1971-2)