Jewish Community Centers of Chicago

CBG Sukkot #4

Chicago, IL

Through a matching grant, JCC Chicago continued its Outdoor Shabbat program by developing environmental-focused community programming centered on Shabbat and Jewish holidays, many of which took place outdoors in the natural environment. JCC Chicago’s environmental-focused Jewish programming sought to inspire the connection and responsibility the Jewish people have to the planet, as well as a connection between Jewish life and nature. Shabbat is the day of the rest for the Jewish people—rest from work and school, and from the current structure of life—while the Jewish holidays run on a cycle similar to the seasons. The outdoor environmental Shabbat and holiday programming provides an opportunity for Jewish children and their families to be surrounded by nature, take walks through the wetlands and marshes, and celebrate under the stars—a unique way to welcome and celebrate Shabbat and Jewish holidays.

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