URJ Camp Coleman


Cleveland, GA

URJ Camp Coleman is a non-profit Reform Jewish summer camp that has been in operation since 1962. They serve just over 800 campers each summer and have about 200 staff members throughout the course of the summer. Camp Coleman operates under four core values of kavod (respect), kehillah (community), chesed (kindness), and shalom (peace), which serve as the backbone for all of their projects and programs.

Their Gendler Grapevine grant will go to funding a “Sustainability Shabbat.” This plan includes a meal that is entirely locally-sourced and/or organic. With this opportunity, Camp Coleman will educate campers and staff on the benefits of eating locally grown foods and how they can take this lesson home with them. Through the lens of Jewish values, participants will learn about and participate in a project with the goal of altering the way they think about food and really question where the food they eat is made.

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