Eden Village Camp


Putnam Valley, NY

Rooted in the Jewish vision of creating a more environmentally sustainable, socially just, and spiritually connected world, Eden Village Camp is dedicated to providing campers with an incredible summer experience while empowering them to promote a vibrant future for themselves, their communities, and our planet.

With their grant from the Gendler Grapevine, Eden Village Camp is instituting T.I.R.E. (Tire Inflation for the Retrieval of Energy). With the T.I.R.E. program, Eden Village Camp will take advantage of the plethora of vehicles that grace their site on pick-up and drop-off days for campers, in addition to their spring and fall programming. On those days Eden Village Camp staff will use a solar-powered generator to inflate the tires of these cars so that they perform at maximal gasoline efficiency.

This simple act will empower both campers and their parents to make small efforts in their lives that go a long way to make for a more sustainable life here on Earth.

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