Camp Young Judaea – Sprout Lake

July 29, 2013: Session 2 of Camp Young Judaea Sprout Lake in Verbank, New York.

Verbank, NY

Camp Young Judaea at Sprout Lake aims to vastly reduce its water usage with its Gendler Grapevine grant. By replacing 36 old, inefficient toilets with modern WaterSense toilets, CYJ Sprout Lake reduces its water usage by approximately 300,000 gallons each summer, making an appreciable contribution to improving water efficiency in the camp and greater community.

CYJ Sprout Lake is also educating campers about water usage. To encourage the camp community to think deeply about water usage and explain the Jewish value attached to conservation, the camp will place informative posters outside of each bathroom. The posters will inform campers about simple ways to make significant gains in water efficiency, such as turning off the sink while brushing teeth and taking shorter showers.

CYJ Sprout Lake inspires their campers to take these values home with them, providing a Water Conservation Kit to take home on the final day of camp. The kit contains a water pitcher, a sink aerator, and information on how to conserve water at home. Through this effort, camper families will be able to bring their newfound knowledge to their homes and local communities.

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