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The goal of Canfei Nesharim’s project “Curriculum for Sustainable Living Inspired by Torah” is to create integrated curriculum modules that will inspire high school students and their families to envision and work towards a world where the Jewish community, informed by Torah values, is educated and empowered to act to preserve and protect the environment. The key concepts, goals, and objectives of the curriculum modules will be developed by their Rabbinical and Science Advisory Boards, and the modules will be created under the guidance of Dr. Daniel Weber. Canfei Nesharim will host a teacher training conference, where they will enable and empower teachers to conduct the curriculum and develop the support structure that is necessary for its success. The curriculum will be integrated into Orthodox high-schools immediately after the 2017 High Holy Day season. The program will be assessed by a professional evaluator, and these suggestions will be used to adapt and further develop the program. The goal is to expand the program to other areas of the country, as well as host a retreat for participating teachers to encourage collaboration, networking, and improvements to the program.

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