We have established a Donor Advised Fund at the Jewish Communal Fund of New York (“JCFNY”) to receive tax-deductible contributions, and the Gendler Grapevine Project will make grant recommendations to the JCFNY to support funding our future initiatives.

For donations by credit card, please first register your contact information below, and then the “DONATE” button will link to the JCFNY website, where you will make your contribution. Note that the Fund Name for contributions is the “Gendler Grapevine Fund.” Alternatively, if you would like to make a contribution by check or alternative means, please see further instructions at https://www.jcfny.org/choosing-jcf/ways-to-contribute/

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Gematria is a traditional Jewish system of assigning a numerical value to a word. The two letters of the Hebrew word Chai (“Life”) add up to 18, which has led to a common practice of making gifts in multiples of 18.