On Sunday, May 19, 2024, Yale University President Peter Salovey spoke to the graduating class of 2024 about the importance of love and compassion, as well as forgiveness and understanding. As Tamar listened from her role as a dean, Naomi as a parent of a student, Finn as a soon-to-be graduate, and Mary as a proud mother of a faculty member and grandmother of Yale students, you can imagine their surprise when President Salovey referenced Everett! He spoke about Everett’s work with Dr. King and their collective calls to transmute rage and frustration into constructive action. President Salovey said, “They remind us that we need to reject hate and rage—and instead find our common love for life, for community, and for peace.”

Click here to read the transcript of President Salovey’s speech

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Clcik here to watch the speech on YouTube (his talk begins at 34:10, referencing Everett at approximately 38:30)

Mary Gendler, Tamar Szabo Gendler, Hannah Szabo, Finn Camper, Naomi Gendler Camper, Julius Camper, and Clarke Camper at Yale, May 2024