On Thursday, June 13, we traveled to Kiamesha Lake, New York, for the installation of the sixth of twenty historical markers that are being placed throughout the Catskills by the Borscht Belt Historical Marker Project. It was on this land that the Rabbinical Assembly gathered at the Concord Resort for their annual meetings, and Rabbi Everett Gendler gave, what turned out to be, Dr. King’s last interview on March 25, 1968. Many significant decisions were made at these conventions, including a formal declaration that the Rabbinical Assembly would send a delegation of rabbis to Birmingham, Alabama, in 1963 to support the Children’s March during the Civil Rights Movement.

Members of our family traveled to the Catskills to be present for the installation of a plaque that features a picture of Rabbi Gendler and Dr. King. Tamar spoke about her father, and we were joined by others whose family members had lived in surrounding towns, worked at the resort, owned bungalows, or spent summers there. It was truly a remarkable and joyous event, and we were honored to have been able to participate.

The side of the plaque with the photo of Rabbi Gendler and Dr. King

The other side of the plaque

The speakers at and organizers of the event

Naomi, Tamar, and Emily by the plaque

Some members of our family: Clarke, Hannah, Naomi, Tamar, Emily, Sam, and Mary