Yesterday was the first day of Nisan. Everett (z”l) died on 1 Nisan last year. Naomi, Tamar, and I had a discussion about on which day we should acknowledge and share some information about Everett on social media – the first day of Nisan or April 1. I said that Uncle Everett would think it is more appropriate to acknowledge 1 Nisan, but it would be more practical to acknowledge April 1.
With that in mind, next week, I will post more, but for now, I want to share a few things I’ve been thinking about. Like so many people, Everett Gendler made me aware of the little things. Things, that even though I am Jewish, I didn’t notice until he pointed them out. The first thing that comes to mind are the phases of the moon and the moon’s connection to our holidays. I always knew that we followed a lunar calendar, but it wasn’t until I celebrated Passover with him that I was ever guided to actually get up out of my chair and look at the full moon after seder. Another thing he made me notice is how life is always around us. I see this regularly when I’m walking in the woods or working in my garden. Just the other day, I looked at my blueberry bushes to observe the buds and thought about the huge blueberry bushes that graced every property he owned. I hope mine will grow to be as big and prolific as his were.
There are so many ways that he is still present in my life, despite his absence. The phrase I often think about is “in remembrance there is life.” It feels so true. May his memory be for a blessing to us all.