2016 L’dor V’dor Projects are Announced!

We are pleased to announce the 2016 Gendler Grapevine Project's "L'dor V'dor" initiatives! The applicants drew inspiration from the life and teachings of Rabbi Gendler, recognizing that he incorporated his theories and teachings into physical and practical action that resonated with his congregants and the community. Each of our grantees proposed innovative, interesting, and engaging projects, and we look forward [...]

Happy Passover/Earth Day!

Passover is a ritualized holiday with a set script from which we rarely deviate. So you may ask: Why is this year’s Passover Seder different from other years? As you may know, this year, the first night of Passover falls on Earth Day. Everett and Mary Gendler, Passover 1996 Compared to when I [...]

Sukkot Reflections

Please enjoy this post written by Tajlei Levis, former student of Rabbi Gendler and Gendler Grapevine Project Executive Committee member.   In my memory, my first Sukkah has a golden glow: not just the afternoon light and dappled autumn leaves, but the warmth of discovering a Jewish community and new friends while participating in an [...]

Gendler Grapevine Water Bottles

We were excited to be able to give the 2013 Gendler Grapevine Projects an extra gift this year. In addition to funding 10 unique projects all over the country, we designed and distributed 5000 water bottles to the campers and camp staff at the Gendler Grapevine Project sites. Campers at URJ Camp Coleman show [...]

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