Greening Faith: Solar Ner Tamid

Rabbi Everett Gendler was the first to install a solar-powered eternal light in 1978 on the roof of his Synagogue in Lowell, MA. Since then, other synagogues have followed suit, recognizing the fundamental connections between Jewish values and environmental consciousness.


A solar-powered eternal light is a beautiful symbol of the connection between Judaism and environmentalism. The adoption and promotion of a solar powered eternal light is a simple way to foster an environmentally friendly spirit, and it can motivate discussion of environmental and spiritual issues surrounding energy use.

The set up for a solar-powered eternal light is simple, but it should be handled by an electrician due to safety and efficiency concerns. The following image from Bright Power demonstrates a simple schematic of their installation of a solar-powered eternal light at a New York Synagogue (from


See these resources for more information about solar Ner Tamids.

Examples of synagogues that have installed a solar Ner Tamid
– Temple Beth Israel in Eugene
– Beit Ahavah

Federation of Jewish Men’s Club’s brochure about a solar Ner Tamid

Information on Solar Ner Tamid Typical Components