I’m doing some writing about Rabbi Gendler and am looking for vivid, detailed memories people have of him between 1971-1995. If you attended Phillips Academy and/or were a congregant at Temple Emanuel of the Merrimack Valley, I would love to hear your detailed stories or memories about Rabbi Gendler and the impact he had on you.
Whether you were a kid or an adult at the time, I imagine his influence has been vast and could be as varied as: how you saw and understood the world and society; your connection to or the way you practiced Judaism; maybe you became a vegetarian, gardener, or environmentalist after meeting him, etc. What made Rabbi Gendler a memorable teacher and rabbi? Is there a story that exemplified the kind of teacher and rabbi he was? Do you have an example that vividly shows the impact he had on his (and your) community?
If you are more of an oral storyteller, I’m happy to set up a phone call as well. Please email me either way at gendler.grapevine@gmail.com