Project Spotlight: Beth Am Synagogue – Coming-of-Age Education Initiative

In For Of, Inc. (IFO), a nonprofit organization created by Beth Am Synagogue in Baltimore, Maryland, strives to build relationships between members of the synagogue and the residents of Reservoir Hill, the urban neighborhood where the synagogue has stood since 1921. IFO was awarded a Gendler Grapevine Project grant to develop a “coming-of-age” education initiative [...]

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Personalizing Martin Luther King, Jr. Day

Every year on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, I’m reminded not only of the civil rights movement, of the sacrifices so many people have made to work toward equal rights, and of the work that people are still doing to ensure that everyone is treated equally, but also of my uncle. My daughter at [...]

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Project Spotlight: Rodeph Shalom Farmer’s Market Youth Initiative

With the goal of addressing the important issues of food insecurity, poverty, struggling schools, stressed communities, and lack of access to adequate medical care and valuable social services, Rodeph Shalom's Gendler Grapevine Project initiative is building on their Common Ground Marketplace project to create the Farmer’s Market Youth Initiative. The students' contributions to the Marketplace will be grown at [...]

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Project Spotlight: Temple Sinai’s Initiative – The Open Door

Temple Sinai DC’s program, The Open Door: Supporting Refugees, has already engaged hundreds of community members in learning about today’s refugee crises in Syria and on the US-Mexico border. On Yom Kippur, Senior Rabbi Jonathan Roos offered a sermon about refugees and the Jewish responsibility to help them. You can hear a podcast of the [...]

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